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Amateur Photographer

I first started with a Nikon D3100 and now have a Nikon D500. I have taken several classes in photography and I'm still learning. I love going for walks and traveling and have recently taken up birding as a hobby.

Announce coming events

Homestead Art Center exhibit at Capri Restaurant in Florida City, Florida thru December 3, 2017

Artist at Work

I am an illustrator, painter, muralist, cartoonist and crafter. Currently I'm working in water soluble oil paint which is a new medium for me.

Current Features

Sunset with Palms

Water based Oil Painting In palette knife technique featured at the Capri Restaurant. 


Please visit my Flickr page to view more of my photographs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase an art piece?

Artwork can be purchase with Paypal or by contacting the artist to pay by check or other arrangements.

How do I purchase a Photograph?

Artwork can be purchase with Paypal or by contacting the artist to pay by check or other arrangements.

What photograph sizes are available to purchase?

All photographs have to be ordered for print, please refer to the size menu before purchasing. 

How long will it take to receive my order?

You will get an email notification as to the status of your order. Artwork is shipped out within three business days of the order placement. Photographs must be ordered by a separate vendor and depend on the size photograph that has been ordered. Small photograph will ship between two to three business days. Large format prints will take up to a week to ship. Specialty printing can take as long as two weeks (i.e. canvas printing, glass, metal etc.).

Do you have any prints of your artwork available to purchase?

Yes, we do sell limited editions of some artwork. There is a separate page showing available prints to purchase.

How do I purchase the rights to use a photograph for advertising?

Photographs are under copyright and special permission needs to be granted along with a usage fee for advertising. Prices vary depending on usage and rights to property. Please contact the artist for further information.